There are times in our life when we notice that we aren't coping as well as we'd like to. These may be times when we feel that aspects of life are beyond our control or influence, or we may experience barriers preventing us from leading the life we want to live. Therapy sessions can offer new ways to identify and break down barriers in order to enhance quality of life. Techniques and skills learned in therapy can also provide you with the ability to monitor and better manage difficulties that arise in the future . 


As a clinical psychologist, I practice evidence based techniques to help clients improve the quality of their lives. This means that I follow the most up to date research that identifies the best therapeutic ways to treat certain difficulties or conditions. I tailor my approach to my clients as one size does not fit all. In order to tailor effectively, I am trained in a number of evidence based therapy styles. 


​Clients can self refer by sending a message via the contact tab. Due to the nature of my job, I am regularly with clients or in meetings and often cannot answer a phone call. Emailing is the most effective way to reach me. 

Please also note that I split my time between agency work and private practice. I will attempt to reply to your message within 24 hours. If not, within the week. If you are in crisis or concerned about your safety,  I recommend you make an urgent appointment with your GP or call 111. You can also refer to the Mental Health Foundation resources.

Phone: (021) 1056 946



I primarily work in an advisor capacity at a large agency and provide private practice services on Thursdays (with the exception of public holidays). Please note that I do not provide services after general business hours or on weekends. Offering one day of private practice per week means spaces are limited but typically a space is available within 3-6 weeks. I also offer a cancellation service should an appointment come available sooner. 


My consulting rooms are located in Wellington's CBD. Street parking is available subject to peak traffic flows (between 12pm-1:30pm). Multiple car parking buildings are nearby as well as regular bus routes. Refer to the contact tab for address details and map.

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